Date: August2016

DPF Solutions Sheffield

New DPF Filter Effectiveness Queried by Scientists

Are we getting the whole truth about DPF Filters? The effectiveness of the DPF filters has long been disputed, but now evidence has come to light suggesting the troublesome filters may not be as great as the car manufacturers say. The filters, which work through trapping larger particles of engine soot, can quickly become blocked […]

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Discover the advantages of a sports suspension kit from us.

Take a regular car, add a bit of the racetrack with our top of the range custom sports suspension kits. A sports suspension kit can restore stability to your car, as well as giving it a sharp new look. Consider giving your car a great new lease of life, with a sports suspension kit from […]

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What’s Hiding in Your Engine Smoke?

Is your engine or DPF sending smoke signals? Does your car ignition greet you with an unusual cloud of smoke? When unusually coloured smoke starts coming from your exhaust, it can be fairly worrying and may require professional attention. To help put your mind at ease, we’ve put together this quick guide to explain the […]

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