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DPF Solutions Sheffield

Why consider a car Performance upgrade?

What can DPF Solutions do to enhance your car performance? 1. Engine Remapping Engine remapping (or ECU remapping) involves reprogramming the car’s computer. If that sounds a bit sci-fi, it isn’t as space age as it might seem- computers have been controlling some of the functions on car engines since the late 1970s. The ECU […]

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How to get the most out of your DPF filter

A DPF filter can make all the difference to your car’s carbon output, however a fault or blockage in your filter can be a nightmare. These days all new cars are fitted with a DPF filter, and removing a filter from a car could cost it its MOT. However, there are ways to improve your […]

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Performance Remapping: Make Sure You Use a Good Garage

Car remapping is a fantastic and cost effective way to improve the efficiency and performance of your vehicle. That said, however, it is imperative that you use a performance remapping specialist to avoid paying for a bad remap and ending up hampering the performance of your vehicle. Lots of car garages offer car remapping, but […]

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