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Here at DPF Solutions Sheffield, we are specialists in everything when it comes to diesel particulate filters. We provide a range of services including DPF cleaning, engine performance remapping, custom exhausts and expert car diagnostics. It is vital to keep your diesel particulate filter free of blockages to maintain a good quality of performance for your car and save money in the long term by avoiding unnecessary engine issues. Specialist performance upgrades will grant countless benefits to your car, for better performance to massive increases in power.  We provide all these services from our facility in Sheffield at great prices, so get in touch today for more information.

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A Range of DPF Services in SheffieldWe offer a wide range of DPF Solutions and performance upgrades.


DPF Cleaning

DPF Solutions Sheffield have been offering high standard Diesel Particle Filter cleaning longer than anyone else. We can clean your DPF filter to an impeccable standard thanks to our Flash Cleaner, or we can initiate a manual regeneration, letting your DPF burn away the soot itself.

engine remapping

Car Diagnostics

We provide some of the most in depth diagnostic testing services in Sheffield. Our Bosch equipment allows us to generate detailed scientific reports of your car’s condition, allowing us to catch issues much earlier on and put our finger on every issue that your car is experiencing.

sports suspension kits

Performance Suspension

We are experts in precise tuning of sport suspension systems, helping your car to improve its road handling, and to adapt to other performance upgrades your car may have, such as engine remapping and custom sports exhausts.

performance exhausts

Performance Exhausts

All performance upgrades that we offer are executed to an exceptional standard, including custom sports exhausts. We provide exhaust systems from top brands such as Scorpion, Remus, Magnex & Milltek, and can customise them to suit your car however you like.

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Phone: 0114 3490923
Mobile: 07500 924824

Visit our store for a variety of low priced products. Including our P2015

repair bracket, only available from DPF Solutions in the UK. international delivery available.

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