Vehicle Fault Diagnostics

Vehicle Fault Diagnostics In Sheffield

At DPF Solutions Sheffield we provide top-level vehicle fault diagnostics that parallel the service you would get at a main dealer but at a fraction of the price.

Using the latest Bosch vehicle fault diagnostic machines means we are perfectly equipped to recognise and swiftly amend faults that are related to engine management, Airbags, ESP, BCU, ECU, Traction control, and ABS systems. Whatever your problem we are confident we can quickly diagnose it and set about managing the fault as best we can.

We always use the best Bosch diagnostic machines available and spend time and effort to apply the most appropriate and cost effective car diagnostic solution to your specific problem. We have the appropriate equipment and technology to fix all vehicles of any make or model.

Most new cars now come with in-built electric systems that will bring up flashing lights on the dashboard to alert the driver that there is a problem. Such systems are referred to as on board diagnostics, or for short OBD. These systems are very useful in allowing us to more quickly know what the exact problem is so we can rectify it imminently and get you back on the road safely as soon as possible.

Contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible to arrange a convenient time for you where we can perform our vehicle fault diagnostics.

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