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Here at DPF Solutions Sheffield, we have been providing expert DPF solutions longer than any other provider in Sheffield, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best service on the market when you come to us with any DPF issues.

DPF Cleaning

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What is a DPF and why does it become blocked?

DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. It is a component of diesel cars that acts as a filter for soot and waste particles that your engine produces. As you drive your car, carbon particles become trapped inside your car’s DPF, and the build up of these particles will eventually cause your car to lose its ability to filter effectively, which will give you a blocked DPF filter.

All DPF’s will eventually become blocked due to use, and how long this takes will vary depending on the age and model of your vehicle, along with the amount of use that it gets. Until the technology behind DPF manufacture improves this issue will continue for all diesel engines. Most diesel vehicles built after 2005 will have a diesel particle filter installed, with some brands such as Fiat and Citroen having them defaultly installed from as early as 2001.

Common DPF problems & dashboard warning lights

A blocked DPF can cause major, expensive damage to other engine components. You need to make sure your car receives DPF filter cleaning in order to avoid the potential damage. In addition, a blocked DPF filter can also cause your car’s exhaust to overheat, which is a serious fire hazard.

To prevent a potential vehicle engine fire, many modern vehicles are programmed to go into ‘limp mode’, which stops the car from drawing power from the battery and the engine and reduces the risk of a fire starting.

If this happens to you, or you notice that your DPF warning light or anti pollutant warning light has come on, this should not be ignored and you should seek professional advice as soon as possible. Below are examples of how these warning lights appear on the dashboard of most modern vehicles.


Our DPF Services

DPF Cleaning

 We utilise the best practise chemical cleaning methods to ensure the DPF is unblocked and will work to its full potential again.

DPF Regeneration

This process clears the excess soot and diesel particulate matter that has gathered within your filter mesh and is unable to be cleared naturally.

DPF Replacement

If your vehicle’s DPF filter is beyond repair then we provide a comprehensive evaluation and replacement service.

How we unblock a DPF filter

A blocked DPF filter will cause a whole host of mechanical issues for your vehicle. Ensuring that your vehicle can effectively “breathe” will ensure that it can perform at its optimum, whether this be an increase in power, economy or smoothness. DPF Cleaner solution is one of the best value-for-money options, but there are multiple services that provide excellent results.

Luckily, there are a few different methods to fix a blocked DPF filter and have it work as new again.

Unblocking a DPF filter can be simple and requires nothing more than getting the car to regenerate the DPF on its own. This can be done via two methods, passive regeneration and active regeneration. DPF regeneration is the simplest method to unblock a DPF and does not require the DPF to be removed from the vehicle.

Sometimes though, DPF regeneration is not effective and only clears a small amount, or none of the blockage. Another DPF solution is DPF Cleaning. There are two stages to this process, stage one uses high pressure air and DPF cleaner solution to effectively remove all the soot build-up inside the filter.

Stage two uses cutting-edge technology to deeply “flash clean” flushing a bioenzyme-based solution through the Diesel Particulate Filter. A stage two DPF cleaner completely removes all the soot and residues whilst preserving the noble metals inside the filter.This is ideal for higher mileage diesel cars as the build up of oil and cerium residues can contribute to blocking the DPF filter.

The cleaning solution we use is completely different to that of off-the-shelf solutions that are added to the cars fuel tank. These “do-it-all” cleaners are not effective and you should not trust the health of your diesel car on them, learn more about off-the-shelf DPF cleaners.

DPF replacement is the most comprehensive solution, although expensive, it can restore the vehicle’s performance. Replacing a DPF will ensure your car’s exhaust is soot-free and will perform like new.

Although somewhat popular, a DPF delete, or DPF removal is actually illegal. A diesel car will not pass its MOT test if a DPF filter is not present. So it is not a service we offer, as we would be breaking the law. The MOT legislation only applies to cars that came with a DPF from the factory. If you are considering removing your DPF because of an impact its having on performance, you should get the DPF filter professionally cleaned to ensure it is not causing any back pressure in the car’s exhaust.


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