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Here at DPF Solutions Sheffield, we have been providing expert DPF solutions longer than any other provider in Sheffield, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best service on the market when you come to us with any DPF issues.

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What is a DPF and why does it become blocked?

DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. It is a component of diesel cars that acts as a filter for soot and waste particles that your engine produces. As you drive your car, carbon particles become trapped inside your car’s DPF, and the build up of these particles will eventually cause your car to lose its ability to filter effectively, which will give you a blocked DPF filter.

All DPF’s will eventually become blocked due to use, and how long this takes will vary depending on the age and model of your vehicle, along with the amount of use that it gets. Until the technology behind DPF manufacture improves this issue will continue for all diesel engines. Most diesel vehicles built after 2005 will have a diesel particle filter installed, with some brands such as Fiat and Citroen having them defaultly installed from as early as 2001.

Common DPF Problems & Dashboard Warning Lights

A blocked DPF can cause major, expensive damage to other engine components. You need to make sure your car receives DPF filter cleaning in order to avoid the potential damage. In addition, a blocked DPF filter can also cause your car’s exhaust to overheat, which is a serious fire hazard.

To prevent a potential vehicle engine fire, many modern vehicles are programmed to go into ‘limp mode’, which stops the car from drawing power from the battery and the engine and reduces the risk of a fire starting.

If this happens to you, or you notice that your DPF warning light or anti pollutant warning light has come on, this should not be ignored and you should seek professional advice as soon as possible. Below are examples of how these warning lights appear on the dashboard of most modern vehicles.


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How Can This Be Fixed?

Here at DPF Solutions Sheffield, we specialise in solutions to a wide range of DPF problems. No matter the severity of your DPF blockage and the size of your budget, we can provide a solution to help you. Some of our services include:

DPF CLEANING – We can perform a manual or chemical clean and rinse of your DPF filter, removing all the soot particles that are blocking your filter.

DPF REGENERATION – If the DPF is not too severely blocked, we can run the car at load and remove any soot that has accumulated in the DPF.

DPF REPLACEMENT – Replacing your DPF filter can be expensive, but you will be sure to drive away with a perfectly running filter. We can replace your filter with a genuine OEM part (recommended) or a high quality aftermarket part, depending on your budget.

DPF Solutions Sheffield are highly experienced in all these procedures and more, so if you are in need of advice, contact our friendly, experienced team for help and support.

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