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Performance Brakes in Sheffield

Here at DPF Solutions, we are one of the leading garages in Sheffield for performance brakes and other vehicle modifications. We have a wide range of performance brakes for you to choose from, all fitted by our Bosch certified mechanics. We stock brakes from leading brands such as Brembo, Black Diamond, EBC and more. Our range of performance brake upgrades will give your car the edge over factory standard brake systems, and our range of other performance upgrades will allow you to really unleash the potential of what’s under your bonnet.

Our performance upgrade services include engine control unit (ECU) remapping services, suspension upgrades and more. We also provide fittings for brake discs, pads, rotors, calipers, brake shoes along with fluids and lubricants, all to ensure that your braking system has everything it needs to be efficient, safe and performance-ready. Our services are all available at our Sheffield workshop, with engine remapping available at a place that suits you, since it’s such a simple procedure.

The Importance of Performance Brakes

If you’re the kind of driver that wants to get the absolute best performance out of your vehicle, then one vital thing to consider is performance brakes. If you have modified your car in order to increase horsepower (BHP) or torque, it is essential that your braking system can still react safely to the new power of your engine. When you decide to modify your car in any way, your number one priority should be safety.

If you are having problems with your current brakes such as squealing, loss of sensitivity or vibrations or if you see a warning light, have this addressed immediately to avoid the risk of an accident. Whether it’s a simple adjustment or a replacement of any brake component, we can help you out. We also recommend checking your tyres regularly to ensure your braking is safe under the increased power of your car. We also offer a wide range of performance tyres suitable for any upgrade that your vehicle has, all ensuring maximum grip and security when it comes to road contact.

Sheffield’s Performance Upgrade Experts

Our friendly staff will help you to choose the best performance brakes for your vehicle, based on their years of experience learning the craft and keeping up with the latest industry standards and techniques. Our focus is always based around balancing your budget with your aims and choosing the best possible option for your car. We understand that performance upgrades are about bringing a vision to life as safely and efficiently as possible.

Whether you’re in need of performance brakes suitable for track racing or just to improve braking distance or road handling, we can help you out. Get in touch with us today for expert advice on performance brakes. DPF Solutions is Sheffield’s complete one-stop-shop for performance upgrades for your car. For anything performance related, look no further.

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