Wheel Allignments

Wheel Alignment Services

At DPF Solutions we offer wheel alignment and tracking services. We are specialists in wheel alignment, using the latest 3D technology for the priciest alignment. providing customers with a perfect setup in wheel alignment and car performance geometry.

Wheel alignment is often missed by many people when looking to improve their car performance. A poor wheel alignment setup can cause many problems for you and your vehicle. The wrong setup can cause problems with the vehicle’s handling and tyre wear.

Wheel alignment is important to the performance of the car and can deliver the following benefits:

Benefits of wheel alignment:

  • Improves handling
  • Reduces Tyre wear
  • Better fuel consumption
  • Corner weighting

What are the causes of poor wheel alignment?

There are a few causes to misaligned wheel alignment, the main cause being sudden jarring of the wheels such as swerving suddenly. Other causes of poor wheel alignment can be caused by driving into potholes and into curbs.

Warn car parts can cause wheel alignment offset, parts such as suspension springs can become slack over time causing a shift in wheel alignment. Height modification can also lead to offset wheel alignment with height adjustment causing an off balance to the springs.

Car Geometry

At DPF Solutions we provide bespoke car geometry services to our customers. Helping customers maintain factory specifications to their vehicle. Providing personalised geometry set-ups to full sports suspension upgrades.

Our tailored service provides sports and track cars with customising specifications, in order to reach high performances. Helping tyre wear issues and performance handling either around tracks or your everyday road driving.

Our Performance Upgrade Services

Suspension Kits

Suspension kits from DPF Solutions greatly improve the driving dynamics of your car without costing you a small fortune.

Performance Brakes

We have a wide range of performance brakes for you to choose from, all fitted by our Bosch certified mechanics.

Performance Tyres

Our range of performance tyres are some of the best quality currently available on the market.

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