Stage 1 DPF Cleaning

DPF Solutions now offer a Stage 1 DPF cleaning service. The Stage 1 service provides a practical solution for blocked DPF filters. Using the latest TerraClean DPF cleaning products, our specialists will bring your filter back to life. Without the expenditure of replacing the DPF filter.

About TerraClean

TerraClean DPF is one of the industry’s leading products currently available for DPF Cleaning.

The solution maximises the process by using a highly refined mixture. Removing the soot and carbon deposits from the DPF filter.

At DPF Solutions we will run a full diagnostic check on your DPF filter. The diagnostic check determines if the DPF filter needs cleaning. We then carry out the below process to help remove the soot and carbon deposit in the filter.

Our Stage 1 DPF Cleaning Process

Firstly we attach the DPF cleaning tool and the DPF pressure pipe to the engine, setting the pressure to 80psi. We then start the engine, allowing the engine to idle.

After that we then inject 250ml of the TerraClean DPF cleaning solution into the engine. Once this has been performed we then turn off the fluid, leaving only air to run through the DPF.

We then raise the engine revs to 2500 rpm, this allows the fluid to pass through and clean the DPF. This process is then repeated numerous times until the DPF is clear of soot and carbon deposit. The engine is then switched off, with the tool then disconnected. After the stage 1 process is over we then re-run the diagnostic checks to see if the DPF has been unblocked.

Next Steps

Contact DPF Solutions today to speak to a DPF cleaning expert. Alternatively, you can book an appointment to have one of our specialists to diagnose your DPF problem accurately.

DPF Solutions also offer a unique Stage 2 DPF cleaning service here for higher mileage vehicles.

Other DPF Services

DPF Regeneration

This process clears the excess soot and diesel particulate matter that has gathered within your filter mesh and is unable to be cleared naturally.

DPF Replacement

If your vehicle’s DPF filter is beyond repair then we provide a comprehensive evaluation and replacement service.

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