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If you are looking for car tuning in Sheffield or need to resolve the problem of a malfunctioning DPF filter then contact DPF Solutions Sheffield today to speak to a member of our specialist DPF team or one of our specialist upgrade team members.

DPF Solutions Sheffield

The Gables
Holywell road

[email protected]
Phone: 0114 3490923
Mobile: 07500 924824


About Ross

Ross knows all there is to know about diesel particulate filters and has well over a decade of experience in professionally servicing cars. He is known for car tuning in Sheffield and for being one of the best around in the region. His passion is performing high specification car performance upgrades.

About Ricky

Ricky is a dab hand when it comes to a skilled performance remap and has done more than his fair share during his 14 years as a trained auto technician. If you speak to Ricky he can give expert advice about what performance upgrades or stage remap would best suit your individual requirements.