Stage 2 DPF Cleaning

DPF Solutions Sheffield

DPF Solutions now offer a Stage 2 DPF cleaning service which provides a practical solution for DPF Problems. Our DPF filter cleaning service is available for both commercial and personal vehicles, including busses, trucks and standard diesel cars.   

Our Stage 2 DPF cleaning service is one of the most advanced solutions performed today on DPF filters. Compared to the traditional cutting, oven-baking and welding of the filter/catalyst, our method offers a more efficient way of cleaning the DPF.

Our Stage 2 DPF cleaning service works differently, with the filter being placed into a machine which uses a pressurised valve that blasts pressurised water, removing the soot situated within the filter.


Key benefits of our Stage 2 DPF Cleaning Service

  • Total Removal of PM10 residuals
  • Removal of oil residuals
  • Removal of cerium residuals
  • Efficient cleaning of all of the types of particulate filter and catalyst (cars and heavy goods vehicles, also SCR) of every size.
  • Improving the safety of the filter
  • Preservations of the noble metals of the DPF
  • Easy and fast


DPF Postal Service

DPF Solutions offer a postal service, with customers having the option to send their DPF Filter through to DPF Solutions. The DPF filter will then undergo the cleaning process at our garage, completely cleaning your filter back to factory condition. The DPF filter will then be sent back by courier providing a hassle-free service.


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