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DPF Filter Cleaning is the best way to proactively rejuvenate a malfunctioning or clogged DPF- removal (which can lead to problems passing an MOT) aside it’s the only guaranteed way to improve the performance of a DPF without replacement. After years of use, your DPF collects excessive amounts of ash and burnt DPM, which will contribute to loss of engine power and substandard performance. While many drivers DPF filter cleaningnow opt for DPF replacement –DPF removal is illegal and no longer can be perfomed and will fail an MOT renewal. With DPF cleaning being the go to solution to clean your DPF.

DPF Filter Cleaning Process

Sheffield drivers needing DPF filter cleaning services can now book in for a 3 stage manual DPF chemical clean from DPF Solutions- where we treat your DPF and purge it with our special cleaning agent, this deep cleans the filter and completely refurbishes it back to new. This chemical clean is broken up into three stages and is the best possible practice for DPF filter cleaning.

  • Firstly the burnt remains are softened to prepare for the deep chemical clean.
  • Next the soot is flushed out by a powerful cleaning agent. This compressive clean eradicates the burnt remains within your DPF.
  • Finally, we will decrease the temperature in which the remains are DPF cleaning displaced so your DPF will be less prone to problems by removing the soot from the DPF at an earlier stage. This will make your DPF last much longer.

This process is a cheap, quick and painless operation that works on any vehicle needing DPF filter regeneration.

The importance of DPF cleaning

The DPF is a very important part of your exhaust system to keep functioning. If your DPF isn’t cleaned over time it could affect your vehicle performance dramatically and lead to a serious breakdown, requiring removal and replacement of your DPF.

We can potentially deliver parts and services such as DPF filter regeneration to a superior standard- if you drive a car from a Bosch-compatible make such as BMW or Mercedes, DPF filter cleaning or car performance upgrades may be available to a specialist standard, and at a lower price that you would pay at a non-Bosch garage. Nonetheless, whatever you drive, if your DPF is clogged or broken our specialists can replace your DPF in no time.

Exhausts begin to clog with diesel particulate matter as soon as the car is first driven and can be difficult to burn clean with any reliability, therefore it is always sensible to check for local DPF cleaning services and explore getting the job done professionally.

Stage 1 & 2 DPF cleaning service

DPF Solutions now offer a Stage 2 diesel particulate filter cleaning service for commercial and personal vehicles. Our one of a kind DPF cleaning equipment provides an alternative option to all of the cleaning phases without cutting, oven-baking and welding.

We also offer a postal service, which allows you to send off your DPF filter hassle free. Your DPF filter will then undergo a regeneration package of your choice and sent back to you in original factory efficiency.

Read all about the benefits of our Stage 2 DPF Filter cleaning service or If you would like to find out more about our Stage 1 and 2 services service, follow the contact section below.

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Next steps

Call us for more information or to book your car in and restore your drive quality with DPF filter cleaning services from DPF Solutions Sheffield. If you want to further boost your performance and fuel efficiency ask us about our performance remap– the next step to permanently upgrading your car performance.

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Question and Answer:

Q: How do your DPF cleaning services take?

A: Our DPF cleaning services usually take just one day.


Q: Does this work with petrol cars?

A: No, sorry! Only diesel vehicles have a DPF.


Q: Where can I find your garage?

A: You can find us at 77 Upwell Road, Sheffield, S4 8AN

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