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Here at DPF Solutions, we provide Sheffield’s best DPF cleaning services and guarantee an improvement in performance without replacing the filter. After years of use your DPF will collect excessive amounts of soot and engine waste materials, and will become clogged. This will cause your engine to lose power and the overall performance of your car will lessen. We can provide you with an efficient and effective DPF cleaning service without replacing the filter, restoring it to near factory condition. Our 3 stage DPF filter cleaning service is now available. We utilise the best practise chemical cleaning method to ensure the DPF is unblocked and will work to its full potential again. 

The Cleaning Process

Our DPF cleaning process is a quick, cheap and painless method that follows 3 stages. 

  • Step 1 – The blockage within your DPF filter is softened to prepare for a deep chemical clean. 
  • Step 2 – The soot is flushed out of the filter by a powerful chemical cleaning agent, eradicating the residual materials blocking the filter. 
  • Step 3 – We will decrease the temperature that the materials are displaced, which makes your DPF less prone to blockages and issues in the future by removing soot at an earlier stage. This will extend its lifespan.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Filter

Your Diesel Particulate Filter is a vital part of your exhaust system, and if it becomes blocked it will affect your vehicles performance in many areas, and could even cause a complete breakdown. You have to keep on top of your filter’s condition to avoid the need of replacing it. If you ensure that you DPF is cleaned regularly, it can last for a very long time. 

Your DPF will begin to build up diesel waste matter as soon as the car is driven, and there is no guarantee that this will burn away with use. It’s always a sensible idea to check the condition of your DPF and make sure that it is cleaned professionally. While DPF blockages are probable with time, there are ways to look after your filter to minimise the need for maintenance.

This type of professional service is what DPF Solutions can deliver. We have been delivering some of the best DPF services in Sheffield for many years, and can provide a specialist service. If your car is a Bosch compatible brand such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes, we can provide some of the finest car servicing options in the region. 

Stage 1 & 2 Cleaning Services

DPF Solutions offer stage 1 & 2 DPF filter cleaning services for both personal and commercial vehicles. Our unique chemical leaning equipment provides an alternative to common cleaning methods and involves no cutting, oven-baking or welding. We also offer a postal delivery service, which allows you to send us your DPF filter for cleaning hassle free. Your filter will then undergo the regeneration package of your choice and will be sent back to you as soon as it has been restored to original factory efficiency. Get in touch today. 

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Q: How do your DPF cleaning services take?

A: Our DPF cleaning services usually take just one day.

Q: Does this work with petrol cars?

A: No, sorry! Only diesel vehicles have a DPF.

Q: Where can I find your garage?

A: You can find us at 77 Upwell Road, Sheffield, S4 8AN


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