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DPF regeneration is the process of removing the soot and diesel particulate matter (DPM) that over time becomes trapped in your filter. Engines can, under specific conditions, heat or ‘burn’ the soot away, however this requires long, uninterrupted periods of smooth driving at speed in order to generate a burn.

If your engine is not usually driven under the correct conditions to automatically initiate a regeneration process, the deposits will continue to grow and begin to detract from your drive quality. If allowed to continue without regeneration, the state of the filter will continue to deteriorate andDPF filter Regeneration you will see the dashboard warning light illuminated. If you ignore the light and continue to drive without regenerating the engine the car will eventually fail and you will need to replace the DPF.

DPF filter Regeneration should be completed as part of a service on diesel vehicles. Regularly servicing your vehicle is the best way to ensure that your filter is kept in proper working order, and any suspected faults, loss of engine power or change in performance should be investigated by a mechanic. Although it may be tempting to attempt a DPF regeneration process yourself, or resort to fuel additive cleaning products, these will not provide as clear and efficient a result as a garage regenerative procedure performed by professionals.

DPF Regeneration Services We Offer

DPF regeneration comes included in some of our manufacturer-based servicing packages. So, when you come to us at DPF Solutions you can be sure you are getting the most comprehensive service available at the best value for money.

We perform the same standard of DPF regeneration you would get at a main dealer by using the specific diagnostic tool for your car manufacturer. With forced regeneration we can clean your filter, usually static at our garage, completely clearing the blocked DPF by initiating the procedure inyour engine management system. This system will then inject a post TDC injection of diesel, raising the combustion temperature and destroying particles, thus bringing your filter back to life. After a full DPF DPF Regeneration regeneration you will find both engine power and drive quality increased to almost-new standards, emissions with be lower and your car will be much more fuel efficient- potentially saving you money.

We use the best specialist equipment available and we are able to hook your vehicle up to the appropriate specific diagnostic tool for your car so you can be assured that your car’s filter will be functioning at an almost-new quality by the time it leaves our garage once it has had a DPF filter regeneration.

If you have bought a diesel second hand and are unsure as to the state of your DPF, regeneration might significantly increase the quality and fuel efficiency of the vehicle- meaning the earlier you can get the filter cleaned the more you might save in fuel.

Contact us now or book an appointment to have our specialist mechanics diagnose your DPF problem accurately.

All the soot being burnt out….

Question and Answer:

Q: How long does DPF filter Regeneration take?

A: Just one day, you can call us to book your vehicle in now.


Q: My DPF filter light is on, could DPF Regeneration be what I need?

A: It could be various things, and DPF filter regeneration could be one of them.


Q: Where can I find your garage?

A: You can find us at 77 Upwell Road, Sheffield, S4 8AN

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