DPF Filter Regeneration

DPF Regeneration Services in Sheffield

Here at DPF Solutions, we provide a comprehensive DPF filter regeneration service. This process clears the excess soot and diesel particulate matter that has gathered within your filter mesh and is unable to be cleared naturally. Under specific conditions, engines can burn away the excess matter, but this requires long sessions of driving at a constantly high speed, which is not always possible for drivers.

If your driving habits do not allow this method of natural DPF regeneration, the deposits of diesel particulate matter will continue to grow and block the filter. This will in turn make the quality of your driving experience suffer, with a less smooth engine function and a decrease in fuel economy. If this is allowed to continue, the state of your filter will deteriorate and the DPF warning light will appear on your dashboard. Driving with a blocked DPF will cause the filter to fail, which will be disastrous for your engine. The DPF will then need to be replaced.

How DPF Regeneration Works

Our DPF regeneration service is a simple and easy procedure, simply using our top-of-the-range Bosch diagnostic equipment to instruct your engine control unit (ECU) to initiate a manual regeneration of your DPF filter. Your ECU will then perform a post-TDC injection of diesel into the engine, raising the combustion temperature and recreating the environment in which the diesel matter will be burnt away, bringing your filter back to life. After the regeneration is completed, you will find that your engine power and drive quality will feel almost like new, your emissions will be lower and your fuel economy will increase. This service is completed static at our garage in Sheffield, and is faster and cheaper than a chemical clean.

Our DPF regeneration services come included in our standard servicing packages, so you can ensure that a car service with DPF Solutions will ensure your diesel particulate filter comes away healthy. Regular services and regeneration is essential to ensure that your engine remains in full working order. Although it may be tempting to attempt a DPF regeneration process yourself, or resort to fuel additive cleaning products, a regeneration procedure performed by professionals will give a much higher quality of result.

Specialist Bosch Regeneration Tools

We have access to the highest quality specialist equipment on the market, having different specific diagnostic tools for different vehicle models. This ensures that each DPF filter regeneration that we perform will be specifically catered to your vehicle, and thus making sure your DPF will be functioning like new by the time it leaves our garage.

If you have recently purchased a new diesel car, it is always wise to run your DPF filter through a regeneration service to ensure that the quality of the DPF is as high as possible. The earlier to get your filter cleaned or regenerated, the more money you could save on fuel. Contact our team today for information on our DPF regeneration services, or to have our specialist mechanics diagnose your DPF problem.

How long does DPF regeneration take?

Our DPF cleaning services usually take just one day.

My DPF filter light is on, do I need a DPF regeneration?

That is certainly possible. Depending on the state of your filter, it may either need cleaning, regenerating or replacing.

Where can I find your garage?

You can find us at Unit 7, The Gables, Holywell road, S48AR

Other DPF Services

DPF Cleaning

 We utilise the best practise chemical cleaning methods to ensure the DPF is unblocked and will work to its full potential again.

DPF Replacement

If your vehicle’s DPF filter is beyond repair then we provide a comprehensive evaluation and replacement service.

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