DPF Replacement

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The most comprehensive solution to a blocked DPF filter is DPF replacement. Although it can be an expensive procedure, installing a brand new DPF filter can rejuvenate your car’s performance. DPF Solutions offer DPF Replacement services, providing replacement OEM parts or aftermarket alternatives to replace your DPF filter.DPF Replacement Services

DPF Replacement Procedure

Replacing a DPF filter is more expensive than DPF cleaning, regeneration or removal but on the plus side, you will leave our garage with a brand new DPF filter that will be completely void of any soot particles or dust. Your vehicle will drive as good as new.

The DPF filter will need to be replaced once the filter is unable to regenerate successfully. The DPF replacement procedure will then be to remove the DPF filter and reviewing the current state of the DPF filter. If the DPF filter is beyond repair we will then go ahead and replace the DPF filter.

What you should know about DPF Replacement

DPF replacement should always be performed by trained professionals. If you incorrectly remove the DPF filter it can cause problems with the functionality of the electrics in your car and can also cause you to fail an MOT.

By Law it is an offence to modify a DPF filter in any way as the DPF filter will no longer meet emissions standards.

Our DPF Replacement services

DPF Solutions Sheffield are DPF specialists, with years of experience in DPF replacement. We offer a full DPF replacement service, ensuring your vehicle is soot free of carbon deposits.

When DPF Solutions replace your DPF filter we recommend installing a genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part, which will have a longer, while also providing the greatest value for money.

If OEM part is not in your budget we also have a range of aftermarket filters available.

Next Steps

If you want to know more about DPF filters or would like us to examine your DPF, contact us now or fill out an online quote form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.