Audi DPF Problems – How to Solve an Audi DPF Problem

Audi DPF problems

If you drive an Audi, DPF problems can strike without warning- but it’s what you do next that can save yourself thousands. Due to the increase in city driving and poor urban traffic management more and more drivers are finding Audi DPF problems occurring- with a potential cost of thousands to fix. The team at DPF Solutions is standing by to answer all your Audi DPF cleaning questions and help restore your drive quality. We understand that a car like an Audi requires a higher standard of care- and as a German specialist car garage with a passion for these iconic cars we’re able to provide a custom, expert service for your car.

The easiest way to tell is to check for a DPF warning light on your dashboard.  Audi DPF Problems are becoming increasingly common, yet any diesel car manufactured after 2010 is required to carry one. EU rules force manufacturers to add them to cars and UK government rules mean since 2014 it’s been a requirement to have a functional particulate filter to pass a MOT. Therefore it’s highly likely that if you own a diesel, you’ll be using a DPF filter. Unfortunately if you own an Audi, DPF cleaning can be the only way to control emissions- and the only way prevent declining drive quality over time without removing the filter entirely.

What you need to know about Audi DPF problems

Audi DPF cleaning or ‘regeneration’ should be on your to do list. This is the best way to limit dangerous pollution from your car, and prolong the working life of your filter. The filter itself consists of a mesh inside a metal housing, and this mesh will become clogged with soot particles over its life. By driving at high revs for long, smooth drives, the car heats and ‘burns’ away this matter- however heavy traffic and poor infrastructure often mean drivers cannot perform such a ‘burn’ easily. By going to a professional garage with the equipment to perform this operation with the car static, you can be sure your filter will get a thorough, effective clean. Chemical cleaning products can also be used to flush out any remaining particles and restore your filter to an as-new standard. By performing cleaning procedures like this, you can preserve your filter and reduce emissions from your car. Most importantly, you eliminate the risk of a blocked Audi DPF filter that could cost thousands to replace.

Audi DPF regeneration or cleaning?

A lot of armchair experts advise trying to remove the filter housing, or the mesh inside, and avoid Audi DPF problems for good- but under new rules this will mean an automatic MOT fail. New, emissions testing technology can now check whether a DPF with an effective mesh filter is in place. Replacement or regeneration from a DPF specialist garage is the only way to 100% ensure you won’t experience any filter problems. Replacement will of course keep you within MOT rules and give you a clean, brand new filter but can be expensive. For most drivers a regeneration is an economical, efficient solution for DPM build up that ensures continued safe and enjoyable drive quality. Our team can provide either DPF service for you, depending on your budget, filter state and needs.

Audi diesel engines

German diesels including Audi have been in the news recently following the VW emissions scandal- which implicated a number of other German manufacturers, including Audi. In February the CEO of Audi was attacked for his part in trying to disguise the emissions from some models. While the image of Audi and VW might take some time to recover from the ongoing scandal, it behoves Audi drivers to be aware of their diesel cars’ emissions controls, and take action to prevent a possible blockage. Increased emissions could place the DPF under added pressure so while the legal case is ongoing, be conscious that even if comparatively new, your filter might need cleaning.

Experiencing Audi DPF problems? Speak to DPF Solutions today to learn more about what we can do for your car’s DPF health. Our Audi DPF Regeneration offers could restore your drive quality to as-new standard for a fractions of the cost and inconvenience of a removal or replacement. Our friendly, professional team is ready to walk you through the detail of how our Audi DPF cleaning and replacement offers work, and help you discover the best option for your Audi. DPF replacement and DPF cleaning services here, or contact us for more information.