BMW DPF Problems

BMW DPF Problems?

Are you a BMW driver having problems with your DPF filter? Because of the high-spec nature of BMW diesel engineering, DPF issues are more common in these cars. These machines are a cut above most other cars, being a fine example of German dominance in automotive engineering and luxury design. Unfortunately, they are not immune from issues with their diesel particulate filter, and due to the power of BMW engines, these problems can be more common. 

Causes of DPF Problems for BMW Drivers

Even if you take great care of your car, DPF problems can still arise and cause major issues for your car. Because more and more drivers are hiring BMW’s these days and using them for city driving, BMW DPF problems have become much more common? But why is this?

DPF filters become blocked when they cannot burn away all the excess diesel particulate matter that they filter from your exhaust. This residue can only be burnt away when the car is driven at high speeds for enough time for it to rise to a high temperature, or by active DPF regeneration. This process occurs in some cars when your DPF filter becomes filled to a certain point, the engine will inject an extra amount of fuel, heating up the engine and burning away the soot from the filter. 

Since more people are leasing BMW’s in the UK than ever before, a lot of drivers do not have the opportunity to drive in such a way that allows the engine to perform a BMW DPF regeneration. This means that more and more BMW DPF issues are arising across the country. 

Avoiding BMW DPF Problems

When your DPF filter becomes clogged, it will reduce the performance of your car across many areas such as fuel consumption, speed and power. If left untreated, DPF problems can also lead to major damage to your engine and exhaust system. The best way to avoid problems with your BMW DPF is with regular servicing, whether it be DPF regeneration or DPF cleaning. Here at DPF Solutions, we offer both of these services to BMW drivers at a fraction of the cost of major dealers. 

BMW DPF Cleaning

We provide top quality chemical cleaning for BMW DPF filters using advanced chemical agents that remove all soot and diesel matter from the mesh within your filter. This process will completely clean the filter and restore it to almost factor quality condition.

BMW DPF Regeneration

Through this process, we recreate the conditions of a passive DPF regeneration within your engine system. This is a simple process that involves telling your engine control unit to initiate an active regeneration. This will heat up the DPF, simulating the conditions of a ‘DPF burn’, and burns away all the excess soot that has gathered within your filter.

Keeping your DPF filter in good condition is imperative to maintaining the performance of your BMW. Our expert team provides a professional car care service using the latest equipment and techniques, but don’t charge nearly as much as major dealers. Get in touch with us for more details about our services.