Discover the advantages of a sports suspension kit from us.

Take a regular car, add a bit of the racetrack with our top of the range custom sports suspension kits.

A sports suspension kit can restore stability to your car, as well as giving it a sharp new look. Consider giving your car a great new lease of life, with a sports suspension kit from DPF Solutions. We can fit these great upgrades at our Sheffield garage with no stress & minimum fuss- giving you a custom feel for your car, great drive quality, increased control & safety, and stylish new stance for your car.
DPF Solutions Sheffield is happy to offer a great range of the latest suspension and performance upgrades, which enhance both control & car agility. We only use top of the range parts & kits that ensure you enjoy an unforgettable drive, every time you get behind the wheel.
Limiting body roll on corners, adding better control & handling, delivering an enhanced driving position- you can enjoy many benefits by fitting a sport suspension kit. Our OEM parts, designed for the car you’re driving, ensure a perfect fit, while our Bosch-certified mechanics can carry out a factory-perfect installation.
Improving your car suspension improves your driving experience and gives you the most out of your driving, without needing to invest heavily in a new racing-ready car.
For more information about our range of sports suspension kits, visit our page or contact us to speak to a member of our team about our services.