Looking for DPF solutions in the Sheffield & Rotherham area?

Nobody wants to see the DPF warning light come on. The potential cost of a replacing a jammed filter can be enormous, even by car repair standards! However, blockages from the soot in smoke, as you might imagine, take a long time to build up. Taking steps early could prevent the situation developing from minor build-up to solid, terminal clog. DPF Solutions Sheffield will help keep your cars exhaust flowing, and your car up and running.
A lot of information, especially online, on how to respond to warning lights take a slightly laid back attitude, encouraging drivers to only seek help when they notice in a change in the way the car drives. However, when you see a DPF light, it’s crucial to take steps- if possible, to burn off the excess soot trapped in the filter through long, smooth, fast drives. No amount of wishful thinking will eliminate the problem, and as you continue to drive your car the blockage will only develop.
However if you simply can’t run your engine for a few hours on the motorway- and not everyone can- it can seem like an impossible situation. Most drivers use their cars for only short drives- to work, to the shops, to see friends and family. Meanwhile, in the Sheffield & Rotherham area, the M1 is rarely free flowing, and unless you leave in the middle of the night, driving at consistent high speeds is not always possible. The demands of diesel engine design & the DPF filter can seem too much to accommodate, and every day your filter will continue to become more & more blocked.
The answer to this difficult and stressful and situation is, to consider how a mechanic could help clear the blocked filter. Garages have a number of ways they can assess and fix the problem, and can even clean the filter thoroughly without needing to take your car out of the workshop! This solution is long term, practical and affordable through DPF Solutions Sheffield.

If you drive a diesel van and are concerned about your DPF filter, contact DPF Solutions today. We are specialists in both dpf cleaning. Come in and see us and we will be able to find an ideal treatment to prevent you having to fork out thousands to repair a completely blocked dpf filter. Get an effective DPF solution soon, before it’s too late!