Performance Remapping: Make Sure You Use a Good Garage

Car remapping is a fantastic and cost effective way to improve the efficiency and performance of your vehicle. That said, however, it is imperative that you use a performance remapping specialist to avoid paying for a bad remap and ending up hampering the performance of your vehicle.

Lots of car garages offer car remapping, but many provide a bad or mediocre service, which has led to the whole car remapping industry gaining a negative reputation. A bad remap can ruin the performance of your vehicle, and any novice or non-professional performing a remap can cause fatal incorrect programming of your vehicle’s ECU.

In more extreme cases, garages have been known to use cloned files off the internet to perform their tuning, and by not installing the right software or using it improperly, their work has actually had a hugely detrimental effect on the performance of the vehicle. Cowboy mechanics that are out solely to make a quick buck have in some instances damaged the ECU so badly that it has rendered a car unusable. You need to be sure that the garage which is undertaking your performance remap has highly trained technicians and you must be very wary of garages offering incredibly cheap deals or super quick services.

Thankfully, the aforementioned mechanics are very rare, but it is more often the case that many car garages will perform a standard generic remap. A generic remap will not tend to damage your car in any way, but it will not return the same high quality results compared to if you enlist the services of an expert, who will be able to refine certain aspects when performing a remap to give you optimum and targeted results.

If you get a good remap from an expert garage, you will have a technician who appreciates that every vehicle is different, and who can tailor a remap so that it suits your exact driving requirements. After a successful remap, you will see improvements in the overall performance of your car, but you can also benefit from improved MPG, refined acceleration and a significant increase in torque depending on what you require. A high quality remap will mean that your car will also be more fuel efficient, since you will be able to use higher gears at lower speeds.

In order to get the full benefits of car remapping, it is essential that your vehicle’s operational software, the ECU chip, is reprogrammed correctly to alter the performance of your vehicle positively. You should always use a professional garage where the person reprogramming is properly trained, and who will take your vehicle and driving requirements into consideration to provide you with a tailored remap.

A good performance remap can yield a return of 35% extra performance and up to 15% better efficiency, and we often see these marked improvements with the expert remaps that we carry out at DPF Solutions Sheffield. If you are seeking a professional performance remap look no further than DPF Solutions for the highest standard car remapping available in Sheffield.

At DPF Solutions, our team of experts are all highly qualified and comprehensively trained in using remapping software. Each member of our team has years of experience, and we are truly the best in the business at performing the highest quality car remapping moulded exactly to the car performance upgrades that you desire.