Tips for keeping your DPF clean

Diesel particulate filters are designed to prevent harmful diesel emissions from entering the atmosphere. Whilst they are good for the environment, dpf filters are often more trouble than they are worth and fixing a blocked dpf filter can be an expensive procedure. Here are a few helpful tips that you can follow to help you avoid your DPF filter becoming blocked.

Firstly, it is important to drive at speed. We don’t by any means suggest breaking the speed limit, but try to take your car on long motorway journeys regularly so that your engine can reach a temperature high enough for it to regenerate your dpf sufficiently.

Similarly, limiting yourself to driving in urban areas, where you drive short distances at low speeds with lots of stopping and starting will likely cause your dpf to become blocked and lead to it losing its proficiency to filter out soot particles.

Long distance journeys where you can safely reach high speeds are the key to helping a dpf properly regenerate, but there are a few other tips that should help. It is important to use the right oil, and you should always attempt to use manufacturer approved oil. This is because most manufacturer approved oil is designed to have a low amount of sulphated ash and will therefore not block your dpf filter as much.

It may sound obvious but one of the biggest tips we can give is to buy the right car! When you are purchasing a diesel vehicle be sure to check that the vehicle is not renowned for having a problematic dpf. If you buy a car that is known to have dpf issues, be sure to follow our steps to ensure that you successfully regenerate it.

One other thing to do is to get your EGR valve checked, as over time these can also become blocked and can feed soot and carbon particulate matter back into your engine that will then block the dpf. In many instances you can get professional DPF cleaning performed for a very affordable fee and this will solve the issue but if a filter is too blocked this method may not be a functional alternative.

If the DPF warning light is on it is likely that your DPF is severely blocked and this is an urgent problem that could cause your car to overheat and your engine to ignite into flames. If your DPF warning light has come on you should contact DPF Solutions Sheffield straight away for assured piece of mind.

Hopefully our tips will help you avoid the need for you to have your dpf filter professionally fixed but if your dpf is severely blocked DPF Solutions Sheffield provide expert DPF removal and regeneration services, all at very fair prices.

Contact us on 01143490923 or fill out an online quote form and one of our friendly, experienced staff will help explain you through the most cost effective solution.