VW DPF Problems & VW DPF Cleaning Solutions

VW DPF Problems

VW (Volkswagen) has become a well-established automotive brand, known in the industry for quality and practicality. Unfortunately, like most diesel vehicles Volkswagen cars experience DPF problems. These problems often occur from VW vehicles doing short distances at low speeds, which doesn’t allow the DPF filter temperature to burn the soot. Often leaving a blockage, resulting in the VW DPF filter to be cleaned or replaced.

VW DPF Cleaning

The VW engine will try and automatically burn off the soot situated within the filter. However, this is only done when you drive your car for long distances at a sustainable high speed. During short distances, your VW DPF filter will not be able to burn the soot, over a period of time the build-up will clog the filter.  When this happens the (ECU) will detect that your filter is more than 45% clogged, which triggers a second process called ‘active regeneration’.

The ECU will instruct the injectors to put slightly more fuel into the engine. Due to more fuel being in the engine the temperature will rise causing the filter to burn the soot. However, this process will not completely clean the filter. If the ECU still detects the filter is clogged the DPF or engine warning light will appear on your dashboard.

You will notice immediately if your VW has a DPF problem with the DPF dashboard light appearing when starting your VW vehicle. The DPF warning message may either flicker or have a constant light, your VW management light may also appear. If so we recommend that you take your VW to a DPF specialist to identify and solve any issues.

Our Solutions to VW DPF Problems 

DPF Solutions are specialists in VW diesel particulate filter cleaning. Providing practical solutions to DPF filter issues. DPF Solutions provide a stage 1 and stage 2 DPF cleaning service. Our DPF cleaning services provide many advantages over traditional cleaning methods.

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