What are the Benefits of a Performance Exhaust System?

When manufacturers build a car they will generally opt to fit the cheapest exhaust system available. This means horsepower and torque can be drastically improved if you choose to install an improved performance exhaust system.

There is hidden power in your engine that can be harnessed with aftermarket performance exhausts. A good system will promote exhaust gases to escape faster and more efficiently. Spent fuel leaves the combustion chamber quickly and allows for the engine to breathe. This means more fuel and air is burned which in turn generates more power.

As well as giving you increased power, aftermarket exhaust systems are also built to last and to outperform standard factory exhaust systems. When you buy a top quality aftermarket system they are made from aluminized or stainless steel, and thus should provide a greater lifespan than factory exhaust systems which are made from weaker mild steel that will decline in condition at a swifter rate.

A performance exhaust system can also alter the appearance of your vehicle if you so wish. It can help you to achieve a custom sporty look or a classic car aesthetic depending on what style you want to achieve. At DPF Solutions many of our exhaust systems look great and deliver incredible performance gains so the benefits are twofold.

If you switch from a basic exhaust system to a performance unit you will notice a low pitch growl during acceleration, and the noise of your engine will be amplified. If you do not want this sound, our systems can also be fitted to keep the same tone as you previously had.

At DPF Solutions our performance exhaust systems are top specification and from leading manufacturers including Magnex, Remus, Milltek and Scorpion. We have exhausts to suit all requirements and whether you are looking for a big, loud exhaust system or something more subtle and stylish, you can count on DPF solutions to provide you with the best range of aftermarket performance exhausts Sheffield can offer and at the best price in the area.

DPF Solutions supply and fit all our quality performance exhausts at our expert garage in Sheffield. If you are after the best car modifications and performance upgrades then trust our professional team to deliver the best performance setup for your car.

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