Where to from here? How you can go further to increase your car’s drive quality

What steps can I take to improve my car’s performance?

At DPF Solutions Sheffield we’re proud to offer the complete package when it comes to car servicing- our team can get your car running smoother, cleaner and more efficiently than ever before. Yet while we can repair & even upgrade your car’s engine to deliver the most pleasant, reliable drive quantity, what further steps can drivers take to improve their driving experience and prolong their car’s life?

Use the correct oil products
Check your manufacturer’s handbook for information on the correct oil and brake fluid for your car. Using a cheaper alternative can effect performance and car wear to the car’s engine.

Inflate your tyres
Always ensure your tyres are safe. Never undertake long journeys without first checking your tyre inflation and wear. We can test, renew and repair your tyres but only you can preserve them!

Drive safely

Sensible driving can keep your car in great condition for longer. Erratic driving will wear out the tyres and brakes, and if your car is a diesel can cause a blockage in the DPF filter.

Remove weight & drag
Still lugging that old roof box? Carrying too much junk? Ditch the excess weight & drag to allow your car to perform as smoothly and efficiently as its designers intended.