Why consider a car Performance upgrade?

What can DPF Solutions do to enhance your car performance?

1. Engine Remapping
Engine remapping (or ECU remapping) involves reprogramming the car’s computer. If that sounds a bit sci-fi, it isn’t as space age as it might seem- computers have been controlling some of the functions on car engines since the late 1970s. The ECU or Engine Control Unit was first introduced in 1999- a microprocessor managing fuel flow into the engine, based on readings taken by sensors placed around the car. These sensors monitor things like air flow, oxygen content in exhaust gas, engine coolant temperature and the position of the controls. The ECU has great potential to help fuel economy and limit emissions. Unfortunately, however, car manufacturers are prone to quite conservative settings on these, partly due to the range of environments the cars must be shipped to- with an equal performance expected in each. From frozen arctic roads to deserts to major cities and everything in between- the programmers don’t know which market each car is being shipped to, and therefore while the ECU mapping remains standard, in less extreme environments the car is capable of much more- but restricted by the ECU. Luckily, however, with a quick & easy procedure a qualified mechanic can retune some of the settings on the ECU- to allow for better performance. It’s completely safe and legal, and won’t affect your MOT. Fine tuning your car’s computer mapping is just the newest way to upgrade its performance
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2. Performance Exhausts
Like the ECU, car makers tend to be quite cautious with exhaust design. A frequent money saving cutback by manufacturers, the cheaper factory exhaust will deteriorate over time, limit air and exhaust flow and have the overall effect of restricting engine power. Not only will an improved exhaust improve performance, it will have a longer working life and your engine will sound far more vocal! We can adjust the appearance and sound to the taste of each client- yet while the aesthetics are fine tuned to your preferences, the standard of these parts are consistently top of the line.
See details of our performance exhausts here.

3. Sport suspension, brakes & tyres
You’d be amazed what our range of tyres, suspension and brakes could add to your car’s performance. The additional or improved components including performance suspension, anti-roll bars (ARB), strut braces, springs, coilover packages & dampers can boost performance whatever make of car you drive. We are committed to providing the service each customer wants for their specific vehicle and needs, so we’d be happy to adjust your order to your preferences.
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