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ECU Remapping For Performance

Here at DPF Solutions, we provide professional quality engine remapping services in Sheffield. If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle, our tuning service will help unleash the full power and capacity of your engine. Many vehicle manufacturers limit the power output of their engines using the ECU, which allows them to fit their products into a class that is marketable to general purpose and fleet buyers. Using our specialist software, we will remap your engine control unit (ECU) to ignore these limitations, which will finally reveal the true potential of your engine.

Benefits of Remapping

Engine tuning brings many benefits to your general driving experience beside gaining more power. This includes potentially improving fuel efficiency by 10% (which might surprise you) through adding torque lower down the range of acceleration. You will also find that you are able to drive at slower speeds in higher gears. The improved quality of your engine performance will also give you a smoother, more comfortable general driving experience.


Tomei Engine | Engine Remapping


We offer three stages of engine remapping, each more suitable for some drivers over others. 

Stage 1 

Stage 1 remapping is performed using specialist software, instructing your ECU to ignore manufacturer set limitations and unlock the hidden power of your engine.

Stage 2 

Ideal for hybrid turbos, FMIC’s, induction kits, exhausts and downpipes. Utilises software tuning alongside a new air intake filter or induction kit being fitted. Grants a significant increase in the vehicle’s performance.

Stage 3

The definitive vehicle enhancement package, only available to certain vehicles with specific hardware, grants up to 200% increases in horsepower. Primarily suited for track use cars.

Remap Services For All Vehicles

We can provide remapping for all kinds of vehicles, including commercial vehicles such as trucks, agricultural vehicles and lorries to increase their efficiency and save you money on petrol. The process involves the precision calibration of the vehicle’s engine management systems, increasing the performance quality of the engine while not affecting its reliability or condition. 

Car Tuning Experts in Sheffield

Here at DPF Solutions Sheffield, we keep up to date with the latest expertise and best industry practises to ensure that our services are handled professionally. Engine remapping should not be attempted by untrained mechanics, but our Bosch accredited technicians are the highest qualified in Sheffield. We perform the standard tuning service without the need to touch any hardware, as the remap is a simple digital process done within the ECU code. This makes remapping a fast and cheap process that can be completed very quickly. 

Engine remapping is the best way to make the most of your vehicle’s potential without tampering with or replacing anything under the bonnet. We pride ourselves on achieving top customer satisfaction, not finishing up until you are 100% happy. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help you.



Q: How much power will my vehicle gain?

A: This depends on your engine’s size and model. Get in touch and we should be able to give you a full estimation. 

Q: How long does car remapping take?

A: Our service will typically be done in a day.

Q: Where can I find your garage?

A: We’re near Meadowhall at Unit 3, The Gables, Holywell Road, Sheffield, S4 8AN.