Performance Remapping

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Engine Performance Remapping

Here at DPF Solutions, we provide performance remapping services that are the perfect solution to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle. If you’re a car lover who wants to unleash your engine’s full power and torque, then our performance remap service is exactly what you need. Using our specialist software, we will remap your engine control unit (ECU) allowing it to gain a significant increase in power, torque and throttle response. 

Car manufacturers limit the power output of their vehicles, which allows them to fit their products into a class that is marketable to fleet buyers and general buyers. Our performance remapping services will undo this limitation, which will make your engine more efficient and reveal the hidden potential that your engine has to offer. This not only gives your car more power, but can also increase your fuel economy by up to 10%. It does this by adding torque lower down the acceleration range. A professional performance remap will also allow you to drive at slower speeds in a higher gear, and you will immediately notice a more comfortable drive.

Tomei Engine | Engine Remapping

Expert Car Remapping Services

Performance remapping requires the very latest ECU knowledge and equipment, and should not be attempted by a technician who is not a specialist. Here at DPF Solutions, we have access to the latest Bosch equipment, along with some of the best qualified and experienced engine remap technicians in Sheffield. When we perform a remap, we don’t have to tamper or replace any hardware in your engine whatsoever, as the remap is a simple digital process done within your vehicles’ code. This means that the process is not expensive and doesn’t take long to complete. Performance remapping is the best way to make the most of your car’s potential without adding or replacing anything under the bonnet. 

Engine remapping for all vehicles

Our Sheffield based service is available for all kinds of vehicles including trucks, agricultural vehicles, lorries and more. The process involves the precision calibration of the vehicle’s engine management systems, increasing the performance quality of the engine while not affecting its reliability or condition. Our performance remap services are always tailored to your individual needs, and we pride ourselves on achieving top customer satisfaction, not finishing up until you are 100% happy. We perform many types of performance remapping, from the affordable stage 1 remap (available on most cars) all the way to the all-out customer fitted turbo stage 3 remap. Stage 2 remapping is a semi-custom performance build and is an intermediary between a simple remap and the high level stage 3. Contact us via our online form, drop us an email or call us on 01143490923 to talk to our team and learn more about how we can improve your car. We are Sheffield’s experts in performance remapping, so we guarantee absolute satisfaction with our services.



Q: How much power will my vehicle gain?

A: This depends on your engine’s size and model. Get in touch and we should be able to give you a full estimation. 

Q: How long does car remapping take?

A: Our service will typically be done in a day.

Q: Where can I find your garage?

A: We’re near Meadowhall at Unit 3, The Gables, Holywell Road, Sheffield, S4 8AN.