Stage 1 Performance Remapping

DPF Solutions Sheffield

At DPF Solutions our Stage 1 performance remapping is designed to improve performance in standard or lightly upgraded vehicles. We perform a specially produced Stage 1 remap for your vehicle that can significantly increase performance, drivability, fuel economy and smoothness.

We use high performance ECU car performance tuning software which means we can release hidden potential in your vehicle. Stage 1 professional performance remapping will discover hidden torque and utilise horse power that is already locked away and that is not being used in your vehicle. The professional software that we use is fully adjustable to exact car modifications and we can even tailor it so your car will drive and respond to individual driving requirements and your driving style so that you can achieve exactly the drive you want. The control systems we program into your vehicle produces a smoother, more powerful drive with better response.

Stage 1 performance remaps are highly affordable and can represent a saving over time due to increased fuel economy and the ability to drive in higher gears whilst at slower speeds. If you are interested in an expert performance remap for your vehicle, give DPF Solutions Sheffield a call on 0114 3490923 or fill out our simple online quote form.

BMW Engine | Stage 1 Performance Remapping