Stage 2 Performance Remapping

DPF Solutions Sheffield

A stage two performance remap is the perfect upgrade for Hybrid Turbos, FMICs, induction kits, exhausts and downpipes.

Stage two performance remapping facilitates for the opportunity to greatly alter driving performance and how your car behaves to heighten driving performance and to customise you driving experience so you car performs exactly the way you want it to. A stage two upgrade can deliver significantly increased power output from even slightly upgraded vehicles.

The stage two software we use at DPF Solutions Sheffield has been developed to greatly enhance the performance in cars that have already had a minor performance upgrade or a simple aftermarket performance modification. A stage two upgrade can follow on nicely as a progression from stage one performance remapping.

Stage two performance remapping employs a quality exhaust system with a good air intake filter or induction kit. Typically, with a stage two performance upgrade there is a sizeable increase in amount of usable power and a significant increase in the performance and drivability of your vehicle. Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Hybrid Turbo Engine | Stage 2 Performance Remapping