Stage 3 Performance Remapping

DPF Solutions Sheffield

Stage three performance remapping is the definitive vehicle enhancement package from our range of performance upgrades. To perform a stage 3 your vehicle must have certain required hardware, and this upgrade is predominantly for track use.

Our stage three performance remapping is custom and entirely bespoke so we can use a base remap and then develop a map that perfectly suits your existing upgrades. The stage three remap takes into account larger upgrades and can improve already powerful, larger turbo engines and injectors. The stage three software is intelligently developed to build upon proven quality engine modifications. As the user you can opt for your preferred turbo charger, exhaust and air intake upgrade. Stage 3 tuning can deliver up to 200% increased horsepower. An aggressive yet structured stage three remap with such large performance gains means we can deliver optimal performance from your vehicle.

Book in advance by phoning us on 0114 3490923 or using our online quote form and we can see if your vehicle is appropriate for stage three performance remapping. We will then discuss with you how best to enhance your vehicle so that you receive the ultimate driving experience.

Grey Track Car | Stage 3 Performance Remapping