DPF Solutions Sheffield

DPF Solutions Sheffield

Vw Audi Skoda Vag Aluminium Intake Manifold 2009 To 2014 Repair Kit For P2015
Price: £ 22.15

S-l1600 | Repair Kit

So your VW skoda or Audi dealer has quoted you over £700 to replace your air  intake manifold on your Common Rail TDI with a trouble code of P2015 (VAG 8213). Please don’t replace the manifold, fix it! Our repair kit easily fixes the manifold and stops the fault Install the P2015 fixed in as little as 15 minutes with simple tools and save your self hundreds.

This easy to fit part is tried and tested and can be a DIY fix or fitted by your local garage.

Our P2015 repair bracket limits the range of movement of the V157 intake flap motor to the same range as when your car was new. This stops the possibility for the flap motor to open or close too far which is the cause of the P2015 fault code Our bracket is also a preventative fix. Installing a bracket now will stop trouble later. With this bracket in place you won’t experience the wear in the mechanism and the trouble code that it creates . The repair kit may also clear your P2004, P2009, P2016 and P2017 TDI error codes.

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