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Vw Audi Skoda Vag Plastic Intake Manifold 2009 To 2014 Repair Kit For P2015
Price: £ 22.15

S-l500 | Repair Kit

Fault Code p2015 Fix

If your Skoda or Audi dealer has quoted you hundreds to replace your air intake manifold on your common rail TDI, then look no further. This is a common fault and dealerships will commonly charge you huge amounts to fix the manifold.

This repair bracket works for a common rail TDI with the fault code P2015 (VAG 8213). Why replace the manifold when you can fix it? Our repair kit fixes the manifold and saves you spending hundreds on a new one. You can get this part fitted quickly by your local garage.

Our P2015 repair bracket limits the range of movement of the V157 intake flap motor. It is then adjusted to the same range as when your car was fresh out the showroom. This stops the flap motor from being too open or closed- this is what causes the fault.

Installing this bracket will also prevent long term wear and the troubles that this creates.

The repair kit may also clear your P2004, P2009, P2016 and P2017 TDI error codes.

Please contact us for further details on 01143490923.

This fix will work with the following vehicles:

  • VW Golf
  • VW Jetta
  • VW Passat
  • VW Sirocco
  • Audi A3
  • Audi A4
  • Audi A5
  • Audi A6
  • Skoda Superb
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Seat Leon

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